Youth Alpine Dialogue / 2014-2015

Youth Alpine Dialogue / 2014-2015

Young generations are the key actors for sustainable development in the Alps. However, due to a lack of long term structures for youth participation, it is difficult to reach them and to keep them involved.

How can we contribute to strengthening youth participation in the Alpine region? How can we create a space where young people can speak and be heard? How can we raise awareness in municipalities, regions and nations so that youth participation must be in their agenda?

The project "Alpine Youth Dialogue" brought together 13 partners, 36 young people between 15 and 30 from 6 Alpine countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, France and Liechtenstein), networking many initiatives and institutions for young people with different cultural, national and educational backgrounds who wish to participate in the process of shaping the future of the Alpine region.

The focus is on the implementation of measures to improve youth participation in the Alps, setting the framework and accompanying the process. CIPRA International is the initiator and lead partner and ALPARC is one of the partner organizations. The project lasted from January 2014 to May 2015. 


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