Exhibition: Mythical Mountains

  • Source ALPARC publications
  • Year 2009
  • Language FR, EN

Throughout the history of humanity, the mountains have always been a symbol between our world and the afterlife; an intermediary between the tangible and inexplicable. That’s why when we get close to the summit, we have with a very particular feeling; almost a religious one!

Numerous legends about Gods, Heroes, Genesis and the end of the world have climbed these mountains and still wander through them nowadays. These stories are found in all mountainous regions of the planet.

The Alps have been and still are inhabited by people from different languages and cultures. This diversity is reflected in mountain myths. These stories  remind us of how attacking the mountainous world can break the the world's natural balance.

It is thanks to this idea that the Alpine Network of Protected Areas has decided to create an exhibition under the framework of The International Year of the Mountain, which started in 2002 by UNESCO and the FAO. 34 Alpine protected areas are represented in 16 modules through this traveling exhibition. It is a recollection Alpine myths that features mythical mountains from protected areas. 

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