#Spatial planners for open spaces in the Alps - France

Freitag, 27 Mai 2022

The Alps are, like many European regions, affected by soil sealing. Valleys as well as areas of low-, and mid-altitude are especially concerned by this development. Therefore, special tools from the field of Spatial Planning are needed. The mission of the OpenSpaceAlps project is to reinforce the transnational knowledge exchange in affected regions and to identify open spaces in the Alps with a spatial development below 10 or 20% of settlements or infrastructure) in order to find appropriate solutions to safeguard them for generations to come.

On 9 May 2022, ALPARC organized the French chapter of the event #Spatial planners for open spaces in the Alps, this was a space where the main results of the project OpenSpaceAlps were shared and discussed with local stakeholders.

Among other results presented, a special emphasis was made about the relevance of the OpenSpaceAlps Handbook for planners, the Alpswide mapping and the strategic recommendations. The meeting also served as an opportunity to extend the invitation to the participants to learn more about the AlpPlanNetwork and about all the tools and documents produced in the course of the project.

Find more information about the OpenSpaceAlps project here.

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