GreenAlps / 2013-2014

GreenAlps / 2013-2014

GreenAlps is an evaluation project analysing the results of different EU projects under the framework of the Alpine Space Programme and its further implementation in the Alpine territories.

GreenAlps shapes the framework for a sustainable and efficient European nature and biodiversity conservation policy for the Alps. It relies on key projects covering essential issues on how to best conserve Alpine biodiversity and ecosystems (e.g. ECONNECT,, SILMAS, SHARE, etc). These projects, linked to different aspects of nature conservation, are interrelated. The further integration of their results in policy strategies is based on the valuation of ecosystem services as well as on a reliable definition of the carrying capacity of Alpine natural habitats. An intact Alpine biodiversity calls for long-term oriented spacial and land-use planning, new ways of cooperation and a precautionary approach of other key sectors. The successful governance model of pilot areas working beyond protected sites will help verify the practicability of the proposed strategies and their possible implementation in European policies.

In this sense, GreenAlps is an intersectorial approach responding to European strategies by proposing concrete implementation measures for the topic of ecological connectivity and sustainable use of renewable energies. It associates stakeholders of political relevance for spatial development patterns and gives an outlook towards the future orientation for land-use planning strategies. 

Finally it acts in the 2014+ perspective of the Common Strategic Framework (CSF) on European cohesion policy and intend to go beyond classical policy recommendations by giving concrete perspectives for several key sectors, to make the Alps ‘greener’ and more competitive in the sense of European policies.

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