Exhibition of Sustainability “Fiera della Sostenibilità nella Natura Alpina”

Donnerstag, 01 Juni 2017
  • Date June 2017
  • Place Valle Camonica
  • Country Italy
  • Organisation Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica - Parco dell’Adamello

Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica and Parco dell’Adamello, together with the protected areas of the “Rete Natura di Valle Camonica” (“Nature Network of Valle Camonica”) and in collaboration with the Cultural District of Valle Camonica are organizing the 6th edition of “Fiera della Sostenibilità della Natura Alpina” (“Exhibition of Sustainability of the Alpine Nature”).

The event will take place in different locations in Valle Camonica during the month of June 2017

In line with the previous editions of the exhibition, sustainability is going to be the keyword of the events that will explore the concept and its three components: environment, society, economy.

The 6th edition of the Exhibition will be focused on two main specific topics:

  • The submission of a nomination proposal for Valle Camonica and Alto Sebino as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (MaB Programme)
  • The celebration of the 200 years from the invention of the bicycle, the sustainable transportation par excellence that is in continuous evolution and improvement

The Exhibition is about culture, celebration, games, sports, hobbies. All these elements are crucial to promote in our societies values such as friendship, cooperation, solidarity and achieve a sustainable future.

For further information about the programme visit the website of the exhibition here (it).


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