Youth at the Top

Youth at the Top

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Among younger generations, there is little awareness of the values and opportunities offered by the natural and cultural heritage of the Alps.  This statement is backed by scientific research showing that younger generations tend to lose connection with their mountain environment. ‘Youth at the Top’ is an international project that aims to break this trend and to reconnect youth with nature and their mountain heritage. It is a collective action organized simultaneously throughout the Alps and the Carpathians on a common annual date in the summer. Mountain guides and educators organize local events to help meet this objective. The event has a symbolic dimension that goes beyond linguistic and national borders as young people share a collective experience through an overnight stay in the mountains. This project contributes towards getting the Alps recognized as a sole entity and helps raise awareness about the protection and conservation of the mountain environment. 

The past two years, Youth at the Top has been marked by common themes – ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Myth and Mountain Legends’. These themes encourage event organizers to find innovative ways for young people to rediscover their natural surroundings through educational, cultural and artistic activities.

ALPARC carries out this project with financial support from the German Ministry of the Environment (DE), the Principality of Monaco (MC) and the CGET – Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires (FR). 

More info: https://youth-at-the-top.org/en/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YATevent/ 

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