Using "The Wall" to raise awareness of landscape fragmentation

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

 The Ecological Continuum Initiative has developed a very unusual communication tool: a large wall that can easily be set up in a public space or a pedestrian zone to restrict access. The barrier illustrates the difficulties that roads and conurbations create for wildlife by cutting off their migratory routes.

The wall contains animal-shaped blank sections and displays information on how natural habitats are being linked up in networks. In October 2010, as part of the International Year of Biodiversity, six walls were erected at the same time in six major Alpine towns and attracted a lot of media attention. 

Using the walls during your own event

Are you planning an event to focus attention on the fragmentation of natural habitats? If so, why not make use of one of the six walls, free of charge, during the event? Information brochures suitable for handing out to passers-by are also available.

For more information and to obtain a paper copy of the information brochures, contact Mateja Pirc .  


ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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