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Coordination of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas - ALPARC
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Aim of site:

To promote and give information about the network of the Alpine Protected Areas and its work within ALPARC. Publishing: ALPARC Webmaster: Task Force Protected Areas Creation, editing, Writing: Guido Plassmann, Marie Stoeckel, Chloé Manfredi, Yann Kohler, Martin Pavlik, Lucie Mazoyer.

Photographs: ALPARC and Alpine Protected Areas photo library (copyright shown on Pictures)
Database: ALPARC

Site placed on line: 01/10/2008

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The site is exempted from declaration to the Information and Liberties National Commission (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté -CNIL-France) in accordance with exemption n°7 (institutional, non-commercial site).You are entitled to access, amend and delete data concerning you (art. 34 of the "Information and Liberties" law).
To this end, contact info@alparc.org


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ALPARC endeavours to present up-to-date information on its website. Even so ALPARC makes no declaration and gives neither guarantee nor promise of the accuracy, topicality or exhaustiveness of the information given. The content of the web site is provided for general information only. Despite the fact that ALPARC makes every effort to ensure that the information presented is up to date and accurate, errors may appear. This website is not necessarily updated daily and some items of information may have become invalid since their initial publication.

Limit of Liability

ALPARC refuses all liability in case of damage or damages caused by the use of any information presented on the website or from any access (or impossibility of access) to its website. This website may provide, for convenience, links or references to other sites not controlled by ALPARC. Consequently, ALPARC refuses all liability as to the content of these other sites and may not be held liable for any damages or damage caused by the use of or recourse to such content , nor for access or impossibility of access to these sites.  

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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